Staying Positive in the Job Search

Whew. . . . This might be a long post. . .

I know I’m not alone when I say job searching can be mentally and emotionally draining. No one likes rejection and when you’re constantly receiving “thank you for your interest. . .the position has been filled” you begin to doubt yourself. Or at least I did.

I took those “not selected” notifications really personal, because I made sure I took the time to perfect my resume. I did my due diligence, so I thought, to get the experience and education to receive the position I wanted. Especially since I wanted to move into a completely different field.

Going into the process I was excited because I felt like I finally had everything in place to be considered a strong candidate. I had my top choices listed and my references ready to go so all I had to do was apply. I just knew I would have a fresh start and new career in no time. Boy was I wrong. 2-3 months in I realized this was not going to go as quickly as I thought.

When the fourth month came that’s when the depression hit. I felt so trapped. And I was so angry with God. Like why would you keep me in a place that I hate. I literally hate going to work. And I sulked and sulked for about a month. I can’t remember what made me realize I had to change my energy, but I gave myself a break. I stopped applying, I turned off the job alerts, and self-reflected.

If you made it this far, you’re a real one lol

So it’s really only three things I can say that has helped me be more positive as I continue on this journey.

1. Stop focusing on the negative. Yes, I didn’t receive an interview or get the job, but there’s still other opportunities.

2. Be patient. This really should be number one. Honestly, this is probably why I was so frustrated to begin with. I wanted changed instantly and when it didn’t happen, I flipped lol.

3. Surround yourself with positive people. We all need someone to remind us how great we are. I got this text recently and it really lifted my spirits.

So friends, we all know it gets rough but hang in there. Your dream job will come!

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