It Might Be Time To Quit

What do you do when your job isn’t meeting your expectations? I guess the simple answer is to quit, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. I personally never like to feel like I gave up or that I let one bad day/situation/person run me off.  I think if you begin to experience the following things, then it’s time to really consider a change.

  1. Feeling physically sick going to work, not excited
  2. Rarely have anything positive to say
  3. See little to no potential for growth
  4. The smallest mishaps puts you in a mood

I’m currently experiencing all four things -_-. Especially numbers 2 and 3. Last week I finally gave myself time to really reflect on why I feel this way and I asked myself is there anything I can change, pros/cons of leaving or staying.Overall, the answer is no. There isn’t enough change that I can make to convince myself that this is my career path. The biggest reason I can’t just walk out is the kids. At the same time, they’re not enough to make me stay. The thing that keeps me from being so disappointed is knowing that I don’t need a classroom to educate, encourage, and inspire.



I hope you never find yourself in this situation but if you do, know it’s okay to make the best decision for YOU. Speak positive words over your situation, resign the RIGHT way :), and chase that dream job!


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