21 Day Prayer Challenge

Hello friends! I know it’s been awhile. Y’all know I’m not really good with keeping a set schedule, but I’m back!! And I want to share my experience completing Sopha Rush’s 21 Days of Intentional Prayers. If you follow me on Instagram I posted scriptures that spoke to my soul and my journal entry for each day. I really want to get into what made me participate in this challenge in the first place.

I basically rededicated my life to Christ in October 2017. I finally found a church home that I felt really cared about my growth and understanding of Christ and his word. I found myself excited to go to church, and not just on Sundays, comprehending scriptures, and ready to share the word of God. Around March 2018, I hit a road block. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. I felt like I didn’t know who I was. Things that made me happy weren’t making me happy anymore. I was isolating myself. I was distant and cold and in a constant state of confusion. I kept praying and praying but it seemed like I was hearing everyone’s voice except the one I needed.

One day scrolling through social media, I ran into Sopha’s page and I noticed she posted encouraging words and scriptures everyday. I really needed that in my life so I followed her. Then she made the announcement for the prayer challenge and I knew that was God speaking to me. The first half of the challenge she provided the prayers and for the last half you had to write your own.

Over these 21 days I was able to identify things I truly was afraid of, areas I needed to work on, and the things that really made me happy. I was finally able to hear God and receive the answers I needed. But more importantly my appreciation for God has grown so much. I am so thankful for his grace and mercy. Usually, I’m nervous about sharing my inner thoughts and struggles, but I knew I had to share my journal entries. I hope they encouraged someone to seek God and form a relationship. I am so glad I completed the challenge because my soul is at peace. Although the challenge has come to an end, I am going to continue to have daily time with God in prayer and reflection.

Sopha’s social media

  • Twitter: SophaRush
  • Instagram: LiveDeeplyRooted

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