2017: Year of Determination

Whew! Another year has passed. I mean really, where did the time go?! I claimed at the end of 2016 that 2017 would be another year of blessings for me and it was. I set to accomplish a number of goals and I met most of them. And some, I went ten steps back (fitness goals).  I am most proud of earning my Master of Public Health degree. It really didn’t seem like I did a lot, but I completed an internship, worked full-time, and went to school full-time. Nothing was stopping me from walking across that stage! PhD coming soon! 



With my new degree, my original focus for 2018 was to finally get into my career field doing something that I love. But I went to church last week and of course the Pastor called us out. And he asked, “how many people said that a stronger relationship with God is their new year’s resolution?” Guilty as charged. As I think about it, through my bouts of wavering faith, the Lord has continued to provide. I realize that if I continue to build a stronger relationship with the Lord, my heart’s truest desires will come to fruition. I have prayed and prayed for a better situation professionally and I’m still not where I want to be. However, I’ve been offered opportunities that will open many doors in the long run (patience is a tricky thing). I say all that to say, my goals for 2018 are to plant my mustard seed, listen, follow, and grow spiritually.  I am a strong believer that God’s timing is always perfect so I’m ready to see what 2018 has to bring!

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