Annual Press and Trim

Once a year I get a professional silk press and good ol’ trim to maintain healthy hair. A silk press is not required, but I prefer this method because it’s easier to see the split ends. However, throughout the year I get “mini trims” in my hair’s natural state. Most recommend that you trim your hair every 8 weeks, but I say listen to your hair. You may need to trim sooner or later than the standard 8 weeks depending on how well you take care of your ends.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues then it may be time for a trim. Scraggly ends, increased knotting and detangling time, and shedding. I experience a lot of knotting and difficulty detangling when it’s time for a trim. If you lose an inch or two, don’t fret. To promote growth and retention, it’s imperative to get rid of those spilt ends. In the long run, you’ll lose more length the longer you hold on to those dead ends.

Remember, your ends need more attention because this is the oldest hair. Be gentle and seal with oil!

Before washing and detangling

Blowout (you can clearly see that my ends are tore up)

After trim (lost about 1-1.5 inches)

Updo protective style:




–>book my stylist!!

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