Protective Hairstyles for Winter

It’s FINALLY the season for protective styling. I know many of my fellow naturals are looking for the perfect style to protect and maintain your hair. In case you’re new to the natural hair community, a protective style is ANY style that protects your hair from the harsh elements.

A protective style for me is not limited to braids, twists, crochet, and sew-ins. I consider updo hairstyles to be protective styles as well because they’re low maintenance. My updos can last up to two weeks, and I never keep braids, twists, crochet, etc in for longer than 3 months. No matter what type of protective style you choose, it’s important to moisturize! I like to use Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Coconut. Make sure to use an applicator tip!

Now that I think about it, I rock protective styles in every season lol. So here’s a few examples!

Crochet Braids


Faux locs

Faux Locs. This is actually my favorite protective style, but the install takes sooo long.


Crochet Havana Twists. 


Updos: These styles came from pinterest (absolutely loooooooove pinterest!)

Photo Oct 17, 5 20 38 PM


Photo Oct 17, 5 22 41 PM


Photo Oct 17, 5 24 36 PM

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