Two Strand Twist Out

The two strand twist out is a timeless style that every natural should have in her toolbox. It’s a quick, low maintenance, versatile hairstyle that you can wear up, down, pulled to the side, or in whatever creative pin-up your mind can think of. And if you’re in a rush, you can leave the twists in and still look cute.

I consider myself to be a minimalist natural so this is my go to style. It’s not time-consuming and it doesn’t put too much tension on your hair. Depending on how defined I want my hair to be, I make the twists smaller for more definition and larger for less definition. And an added bonus is that the twist out elongates your hair without heat.

My curls will be super defined the first couple of days because I always begin a new style with clean hair (check out my wash day routine When it gets old, I freshen it up with a water, oil, and leave out spritz and do a pin-up. Today, I’m pushed for time so I’m leaving the twists in and I’ll take them down tomorrow morning.

If you haven’t tried a twist out yet, I strongly encourage you to. It’s one of the easiest styles you can do and it has so many benefits. Again, it’s a low tension style so it’s great for retaining and promoting hair growth. Below are pictures of the products I used to achieve this style.

***Go on YouTube and check out how different naturals style their twist out. I highly recommend Ambrosia (


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