Naturals and The Beauty Shop 

Going to the beauty shop as a natural can be traumatic, especially if you have coarse hair. So I don’t blame a lot of naturals for learning how to do their own hair. I’ve had beauticians cause heat damage, chop off more than the ends, break combs and charge me an arm and a leg. The worst of those experiences was the heat damage. There’s no coming back from that. You have to cut the damaged hair out. For a long time I didn’t trust anyone to do my hair. I learned that it’s very important to take your time and find a professional that is patient and willing to listen to your hair.

Adrienne Hughes at 901 Strands is my go to professional when I need a break. She understands my hair and gives it what it needs. I have issues with retaining moisture so every time I leave, she makes sure my hair is rejuvenated. I really like that her main goal is to make your hair healthy not just look good. An added bonus is that she gives back to the community!

Right now she’s having a back to school special. If you bring in 5 school supply items, you get $5 off your service. The supplies are going to students from the Ira Samelson Jr. Boys & Girls Club in Memphis, TN. She’s providing a backpack full of supplies to the students donated by the clients of Styles by Adrienne. 

If you’re in the Memphis area schedule your appointment today!!!

Below are some of the styles she’s done over the years!

Versatile style!

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