All men are trash 

I see at least one tweet everyday about how trash these men are. Not just one specific man or a group of men, but every man on earth is trash. No sis, maybe it’s the men YOU choose to date.

If it seems like every man you date has poor qualities (liar, cheater, disrespectful, etc) then maybe it’s time you sit down and self reflect. And ask yourself what do you want out of a partner and what steps are you taking to attract the person you want.

The hardest thing to do is be honest with yourself. You will date people who will treat you like you think you should be treated. If you don’t love, cherish, and respect yourself, how do you expect someone else too. Dating is a process and it takes time. Many of us rush into relationships to find “the one,” and never learn from our mistakes.

Before you date anyone else, date yourself. Figure out what you love, what you love about yourself, what wounds need healing, and what you won’t tolerate. If those are questions you cannot answer or can only provide surface level responses, then maybe it’s time you take a break from dating. Whether you believe it or not, you are attracting what you think you deserve.

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