Awkward hair stage. . .again

I thought the awkward hair stage was a one time thing (let’s all collectively laugh at that). Granted, this time isn’t nearly as bad as the first one, but it’s still a nuisance. My twist outs aren’t popping anymore. I even tried a braid out but I didn’t like how that looked either. At this point I don’t like to have my hair out because it looks so wild. Nothing I do is taming the beast. 

When I think my hair just needs a break from the normal routine, I wear box braids or faux locs. I tend to wear those styles in the fall and winter to help retain moisture. Since it’s the summer, I’ve had to think of other styles that would be more manageable. Side note: I work at the YMCA during the summer. We have to swim with the kids everyday so I need styles that will fit under a swim cap.

About two weeks ago I saw a protective style from Ambrosia, my favorite natural hair vlogger, that I really wanted to try. She twisted her hair and put it into a bun. I wasn’t comfortable doing the style by myself because my shrinkage is terrible so I went to the shop yesterday. [pictures below]

I’m really considering that instead of having year round products that I may need seasonal products. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about camille rose naturals so I’m going to try it out. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m at this stage again or what’s the cause. . . .

How do you get through the awkward stages?

Ambrosia’s video:


2 thoughts on “Awkward hair stage. . .again

  1. Jeressia says:

    I get through awkward styles by just keeping my hair tucked away or just wear a bun. My favorite style is when I take two flat twists and tuck them in a low bun. Very elegant and easy! Love the blog. ❤


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