Fitness is my life. . .not. . .yet! 

Since 2015, I’ve made a list each year of things I want to change or incorporate into my life. This year, I really want to dedicate time to establishing a healthier lifestyle. That includes being more active, making healthier food choices, drinking more water, and having a more positive attitude. I think a lot of people fall off on their goals because they don’t make realistic goals. I have the entire year to make these changes and get accustomed so that they become a part of my life. Below is a list of things that have kept me on the path to a healthier me. 

1. Make realistic goals 

  •  I’ve struggled in the past with maintaining a fitness regimen so instead of saying cold turkey that I’m going to work out 3-4 times a week, my goal was to work out 1 time per week and gradually increase. 

2. Find an accountability buddy

  • I’m quick to say, “oh I’m tired, I can skip this day.” But having an accountability buddy or two helps keep me on track. 

3. If you can afford it, get a trainer 

  • I just signed up for a personal trainer yesterday. I’m not disciplined enough nor do I have enough knowledge to get the results I want. I made the investment so hopefully it will be well worth it. 

4. Get a Pinterest account

  • Pinterest is my best friend. I can always find affordable, easy to make meals. 

5. Stay encouraged 

  • Don’t give up! Take it one day, one session at a time. 

It’s only been 3 months but I’m noticing changes in my skin, sleep, and just overall vibe. 

–> What tips do you have to staying fit? 

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