Say it loud! I’m black and I’m proud!

Warning: the following content maybe offensive to some. This is my truth and if it doesn’t apply to you, don’t take it personally.

A recent conversation with a “family” member sparked this topic. I’m very opinionated and outspoken when it comes to racism and I am very aware that there are people who don’t agree with me. I welcome all (respectful) discussions because I like to see things from different perspectives. However, I do not tolerate anyone who attacks my character. That is the wrong way to attempt to have an open-minded conversation, but honestly if that’s your approach, your intentions aren’t to have that type of conservation anyways.

A long story short, I was discussing how Rihanna was robbed at the Grammys and asked who was responsible for this atrocity and someone commented “the academy” and I replied “white people? Lol.” And chile, that “white people” comment struck a nerve. I was called a racist and my professionalism was attacked. I really didn’t understand why the comment was so hurtful because I didn’t mean it as a racial slur. It took another person to explain to me how it could be hurtful, and I’m like why couldn’t that person say that from the beginning instead of attacking me and justifying that attack because I offended you. And then to say “my intentions weren’t to attack you.” But you did. Thank you for your comments and goodbye ✌🏾️.

I understand that when speaking about racism it may be better to be specific and not generalize an entire racial group, but at the same time, if it doesn’t apply to you, why are you taking it so personally? It’s not a secret that the world is NOT inclusive. It’s not a secret that white people, for YEARS, have oppressed underrepresented populations. And continue to do so. It’s NOT A SECRET. And there are levels to racism, which I won’t go into.

That entire conversation had me questioning myself. Like damn, did I say something wrong? Am I coming off offensively, because that’s not my intention. And it made me want to stop discussing hard topics like this. But I won’t be backed into a corner and shut down. Nothing will change if we don’t step out of our comfort zones and address the issues.

—> Let me get to the point. I just had to get that off my chest.<—

It took me a loooooong time to unconditionally love myself. To love my blackness. To love my black features. So if you know me, you know that I am very pro-black. I share every chance I get the greatness of my people, because oftentimes the media likes to portray us in the worst ways. And I’m trying to figure out how the pride I feel in myself and other black people equates to being racist. The pride I feel isn’t to say others are less than. It’s to show the world that we are more than the stereotypes. We aren’t lazy. We aren’t fatherless, uneducated, or worthless. Why does MY pride equate to racism and terrorism? #blacklivesmatter, #blacklovematters, #blackgirlmagic, #blackboyjoy is to celebrate black people and remind us that we are important and we do matter! But the world doesn’t love us, so I don’t expect the majority of the world to understand the significance.

–> Open your mind and your heart. Come have “a seat at the table.”
As always, comment, like, share!

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