. . .It ain’t for everybody 

Two words: social media.

It can be a great platform to promote yourself, exchange ideas, meet new people, learn about the world, and all that good stuff. However, if one is not careful, you can find yourself sharing too much. There are people who are open books, but I strongly believe there are some things you should keep for yourself. You don’t have to share every accomplishment, heartbreak, milestone, or  moment of your life. I even find myself upset sometimes, especially with celebrities, when they’re so secretive. Prime example, Kerry Washington. She kills me. Like woman, it’s been 2 years, let me see that baby lol. But then I catch myself and say, ” who I am to demand that she shares one of her most precious gems?” I think we’re so accustomed to the instantness of social media that we forget to enjoy the moment for ourselves first.

Another downside to social media is that it can cripple relationships. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it. It was one of my personal struggles. Like sooo, “you gone make me your #WCW or nah?!” As if that was the determining factor of a healthy relationship. It took me awhile to appreciate the “secrecy” of my relationship. We were able to make our mistakes and grow in private without everyone’s opinions of what we should do or those who constantly have something to tell you. Y’all know what I’m talking about. You hate to see them coming because it’s always a “Oh girl, I have something to tell you.” I saw an Instagram post the other day that said something like  “you can’t tell me anything about my man.” Basically, enjoy the growing pains of your relationship in private with close, REAL friends and family.

I still struggle with that itch to share a moment because I like to share my struggles to success. But I always remember what my great-grandma told me growing up, “Everyone isn’t happy for you.” So I don’t share too many moments or  details unless I feel in my heart someone needs some encouragement.

I wrote all this to say, don’t get caught up in the hype. Don’t feel pressured to share YOUR life. Enjoy it for yourself first and if you feel like sharing, there’s always someone to listen!

As always, comment, like, share! 😆

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