Semester Recap

–> Time really does fly. I cannot  believe that I have survived one semester of teaching. It definitely was an interesting semester. As I sit here and reflect, it more so has been a humbling experience. These kids bring so much baggage, hardships, emotional distress, mental distress, you name it, they bring it all in the classroom. I was not prepared. AT.ALL. On top of that, I am not a very affectionate person, but I learned quickly that a hug and a smile can go a long way. A little compassion as well. At times, my students really frustrated me, but I had to realize it’s not their fault. Their attitudes are shaped by their surroundings. I had one student tell me that she didn’t think she would be anything because that’s what everyone told her. Broke my heart into a million pieces. I think my students know now that when they walk into my room failure is not an option. We’re going to work at it and practice until we see improvement. If I haven’t learned anything else this semester, I have learned that building a relationship with your students is so important. Making your goals and expectations clear from day one will set the tone of your classroom. A lot of times I felt like I was doing a horrible job, but someone reassured me that I was doing a wonderful job, especially for a first year teacher. I’m just anxious to see how well they do on the TNReady test.

–> Something else that I think is important for new teachers to know, find those coworkers who will listen and lift your spirits. You will have the coworkers who never have anything positive to say. They’re always complaining. Everything is a burden to them. I honestly don’t know why those type of people are still teaching. Anyways, I found my group of coworkers who will check on me daily, offer me realistic tips, and just provide that extra laugh and encouragement when it’s needed.

–> Last thing! DON’T GIVE UP! It gets better. You just have to be patient. REAAAAALLLLYYY patient lol, but it will pay off in the end. Teaching ain’t easy! But it’s rewarding!


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