Mason Jar Meals

–> Last week one of my colleagues started bringing her lunch in a mason jar. I didn’t think anything of it until I saw her shaking the jar so I asked her about it. She started meal prepping her salads and smoothies with the mason jars. So this week I decided to give it a try because I always pack a lunch for work, but forget to pack something for class in the evening. Plus, after looking at my bank statements (food, food, food, gas, food, more food, eyebrows, food), I needed something that would seem quick and easy AND save me some money.

This week’s lunch/dinner: 

  1. Monday and Tuesday: Salad
  2. Wednesday and Thursday: Shrimp alfredo pasta

I guess you can use a regular container, but I think the mason jars are cuter :). And I like to shake the jar lmao.

General Instructions: 

  1. always put you dressing, sauce, etc at the bottom.
  2. items that won’t soak up the dressing, sauce
  3. items that are more absorbent
  4. lettuce, pasta, etc
  5. protein

Salad mason jar (picture below)

  1. Olive garden salad dressing: enough to cover the bottom and a little more ( I don’t like my salads to be soaked in dressing)
  2. Handful of shredded carrots
  3. Handful of craisins
  4. Couple of mushrooms
  5. Pack it with spinach
  6. Sprinkle some croutons and voila!!

File Nov 11, 11 17 05 AM.jpeg

Pasta mason jar (picture below)

  1. Classico creamy alfredo sauce (and whatever seasoning you like)
  2. Cooked pasta noodles ( I LOVE bowtie)
  3. SeaPak Shrimp Scampi
  4. Sautéed mushrooms
  5. Broccoli florets

File Nov 11, 11 16 10 AM.jpeg

–> It seems like you can pack almost anything in the mason jar. Pinterest is your BEST FRIEND. If you have time, give it a try! Super quick and easy! Thank me later! 🙂

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