Recap of week 12

Fall break threw me alllllll off, but I’m BAAAACCCCCCK.

I won’t even bother trying to remember what happened in week 10 or 11. The weeks are starting to run together anyways so let’s start fresh with week 12!

–> This week, my department, the science department, sponsored the school’s first honors program of the year. We felt so pressured to make sure the program was a success. Fortunately, everyone said that we set the bar high! The programs were really nice (thankZ Ebony), the speaker was motivational and straight to the point, the praise dancer was awesome, and our singer was great as well. Of course there were a  few technical difficulties, but overall the program ran smoothly. I think my favorite part was the slide show of the honorees. I’m hoping the program was inspiring enough to encourage more students to make honor roll. (pics below)

–> If you have ANY motivational strategies, PLEAAAAASSSSSEEE share. I have never meet more apathetic people than these students. It’s frustrating. I had them write about how their black lives matter (idea borrowed from a coworker) and that worked for like 10 minutes -_-. I am not sure how to reach them. How to get them to understand that YOU cannot be a child of color and be ignorant. They are already counting you out, expecting you to fail, so why not prove them wrong? That’s the message that I want to get through to them. I want them to understand that if you don’t have basic math skills, you can’t get a job as a cashier at McDonald’s. I know they’re only 11-12, but still….they shouldn’t be okay with failing.

–> I had my first observation this week. I THINK it went well, but who knows. I am so proud of my kids though. I had to stand back and say “where did these children come from?” LOL. Everyone was on task, asking questions, helping each other. Y’all…’s like pulling teeth to get them to put their name on the paper so I was really blown away with their behavior. The observer walked around and asked them questions and the responses were phenomenal. I slick was mad though LOL. Like why ‘all can’t do this when it’s just us in the room?!!

–> confession: I like tutoring so much because I get the opportunity to give my students that one-on-one time that they really need. It’s hard trying to give a class of 32 that time. Also, the kids get to see me outside of my role during class. I’m less strict for one LOL. I let my personality show a lot more. ANNND kids who come to tutoring get snacks. I guess they don’t tell their friends because it’s the same group of students every week LOL.


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