first year teaching: recap of week 9

–> This week was a true test of my patience. A few days ago I posted a Facebook status that said, “having students whose parents are teachers is a gift from downstairs. And that’s all I’m going to say.” I swear some teachers are the WORST parents to have. As a fellow educator, I would think there would be an unspoken respect. In the event that I do call because your child is disrupting my instructional time, that is not your cue to question my pedagogy and ATTEMPT to tell me how to run my classroom. I needed Tamar Braxton in that moment. Ms. Anderson kept it professional, but Amirah was ready to go North Memphis over the phone smh. That situation really got under my skin because I would think that a teacher would be the first to correct their child and the last to put all the blame on the teacher *rolls eyes.

–> First project = huge disappointment. I passed out the rubric for my biome project 2 weeks before the due date. I sent weekly and daily reminders. The due date was on the board for an ENTIRE week. Friday comes and only 5-10 students out of each class had their project. SPEECHLESS. And to add insult to injury, one student had the audacity to do another assignment in my class. Maybe I gave the rubric out too early, but I wanted to make sure they had more than enough time to get the materials, research, ask questions, etc. What’s even more frustrating is that most of the information for the project came from the classwork. All they had to do was pick one biome of their choice and research information that was not covered in class. Everyone had to create a travel brochure and the students who I felt needed a challenge had to construct a biome as well. The students who did turn in their projects did an excellent job as you can see below. [Have to find the silver lining.]

–> I don’t think I will ever accept or get used to the lack of concern most of the parents and students have for education. It’s really sad 😦

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