If you’re like me then you’re probably not a fan of getting your ends trimmed. However, I think I hate fairy knots and split ends more than I hate getting a trim. There are a lot of articles and blogs debating on rather or not a trim is important and let me tell you, it is absolutely necessary if you want to maintain healthy hair. There is nothing, I repeat, there is NOTHING that you can put in your hair to repair split ends. The only solution is a pair of scissors. Now how often you trim is completely up to you. I try to stay around 8-10 weeks and I can tell when it’s time. A lot of people are concerned with retaining their length. Split ends stunts your hair growth. The farther up the hair shaft the split goes, the more you have to get trimmed. You can decrease how bad your ends get by doing the LOC method. Use a water based leave in conditioner, a curl cream, and seal your ends with an oil (coconut, Jamaican black castor oil, etc.). This method will prevent severe breakage and split ends. Low manipulation and protective styles also reduce breakage and split ends. Don’t forget to sleep with a satin bonnet or satin pillowcases!

IMG_5481 (1).JPG

–> I forgot to take a before picture. I still have a head full of hair! 🙂

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