Protect. Retain. Promote.

–>Tis the season of protective styling. If you need a break, trying to retain growth, or promote growth then protective styling is your best option. The important thing to remember is that your hair still needs tender love and care. You still need to moisturize! Otherwise, your hair will be as dry as a brillo pad.

–>This is my first time trying a havana twist crochet. I did not install this hairstyle. My lovely line sister (striped-sweater) was kind enough to dFile Feb 22, 9 49 14 PMo it for me :). I loved the style on her so I was like why not, hook me up girl. Plus, my skills are nowhere near that top-notch lol. Anyways, she used 5 packs of hair. Each pack costs $6.99 before taxes. I say it took about 3 hours to braid my hair down and crochet the twists.

  • Before installation
    • wash hair
    • deep condition, detangle
    • apply favorite leave-in conditioner and oil to seal ends
    • sit under dryer about 30 minutes
  • During installation
    • braid hair into pattern (forgot to take a picture)
    • crotchet twists (make sure you secure them)
  • After installation
    • Slay! #formation

–> I plan to keep these in for at least 4 weeks since the hair was about $40. I plan to use a spray mixture of water, coconut oil, and Shea Moisture’s Styling Milk (See Wash Day post) about 3 times a week to keep my hair moisturized. It’s only been a couple of days but I love this style. I definitely recommend it!

File Feb 22, 9 49 50 PM Ebony (my LS. Follow her hair page at

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