Gliding into the 5th year

A number of things influenced my decision to give up the creamy crack. For one, I was tired of paying for my hair. Senior year of high school my mom decided it was time I paid for my hair and $60-$70 dollars every two weeks was becoming a burden. Then, I watched the movie “Good Hair.” The scene of the relaxer eating through the coke can has stuck with me to this day…

–> February 15, 2011 I decided to transition. I kept my hair in straw sets over the summer and before I began college (august 2011), I got kinky twist.

205974_2318817966761_5972258_n(kinky twists)

–> Thanksgiving morning (November 24, 2011) I big chopped. I thought I would be in tears, but it was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. My self confidence skyrocketed that day lol. Plus, I knew it was time to let the permed ends go. Big Chop video (

–> February 16, 2016. Below is a collage of my hair growth throughout this journey. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by. Being a natural has taught me a lot of about myself, my hair, and what it really means to love yourself. I have good hair days and bad hair days. Sometimes I want to cut my hair, sometimes I miss the crack and then I think about scalp burns and that coke can. The past 4 years have been wonderful and I am excited to see what’s in store for the 5th year.

–> Current goals: 1) maintain healthy hair, 2) improve diet and exercise, 3) Growth


All comments and questions are welcomed! 🙂

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