Protective Style

So I’ve come to that point of the year where I utterly despise my hair. It doesn’t like to cooperate around this time of the year. Probably because the humidity is so high but whatever, the point is I’m tired of it. So what does a natural do when they’re sick of their hair?….get a protective style! This time I decided to try Marley twists because I like how they look so natural. *shrugs I just like kinky hair. Anyways, installation took about 5.5 hours and about 6 packs of hair were used. I’ve only had them for a day but so far I like them because 1) they’re not heavy and 2) it looks my hair and 3) they’re not…..”perfect”. My real twist-outs are different lengths and sizes and I like how this style mimics that. Needless to say for right now I give the Marley twists a thumbs up!


3 thoughts on “Protective Style

  1. Oluchee says:

    I know this is an old post, and this comment will take you back
    .. Lol.. sorry.. but you installed that… wooow. Doing 2-strand twists on my 6″ hair takes forever so whenever I see someone that goes all the way, like installing braids.. I mentally applaud.


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