Keon’s Marley Twists

my inspiration to try Marley twists



I got a huge response on my Marley twists so I decided to write a blog post sharing all of the details on how I achieved the look.

But before I start I’d like to say this. . . there a are some people who simply refuse to share how they achieve certain styles, how many strands they use in their Marley twists, and the products they use in their hair for whatever reason, but I take it as a HUGE compliment that there are people out there that actually care about what goes on atop my head. So to you all, THANK YOU! The purpose of our blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram and Tumblr posts, are to help out other naturals. Each of us were once in a position where we needed help from Youtube, one another,or complete strangers. . . hell at times we’re still in that position…

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